Anthony Hamilton (@1.5) vs Jimmy White (@2.62)

Our Prediction:

Anthony Hamilton will win

Anthony Hamilton – Jimmy White Match Prediction | 03-10-2019 05:00

(Players are English unless stated)FinalKen Doherty (Ireland) 18-12 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)67-1, 5-117 (117), 0-106 (106), 77-13, 78-9 (69),75-51, 69-11 (59), 0-122 (122).

He came through two deciders himself. Considering he was told on Monday he would be replacing Zhang Jiankang due to visa issues, he is certainly making the most of it! James Cahill is racking up the centuries and is playing to a standard that made us wonder why he didnt perform like that when he was a professional between 2013-2017. Considering he was thinking of quitting a while back, this is quite a turnaround. I honestly dont know who would win here. Purely on scoring power, I will go for Cahill. Michael Judge made three appearances at the World Snooker Championships, the most recent being 2008.


Now that Judgement Day has come upon us, it seems we have a cosmopolitan set of fixtures. If there is anything that any sport loves for the papers to lap up, its history-making! We are already set to make history. An amateur will qualify for the World Championships for the first time. There are nine Chinese players, a Thai, an Irish, a Norwegian, a Cypriot, an Israeli and the usual posse of some English, Irish and Welsh players.

Both had fairly unspectacular seasons, though Wells did reach the Scottish Open semi-finals before being edged out 6-5 by Mark Allen. This is a match between two SightRight players. He really shifted another gear and hit consecutive breaks of 107, 83, 113, 100 and 65 to win 10-6. After defeating compatriot Jamie Clarke 10-5, he was 6-5 down to Iranian Hossein Vafaei. Gould is another staple of the Crucible and to be honest, Im feeling bold. Wells is scoring seriously good. While Gould had the juggernaut of Mustafa Dorgham (oh dear) and Gerard Greene, Wells had a trickier route.

He said he knew the breakwas on when he had scored 8, as there were 3 or 4 reds round theblack and he knew he had to go for it. Ronnie said he was "shaking like a leaf near the end of his break" andthat he was so wrapped up in it that "he forgot to use his chalk"(which he dropped when on the blue").

Pictures( Eric Whitehead)Terry Griffiths leaves The Crucible Theatre for the final time Stefan Mazrocis in his chair Stefan Mazrocis is congratulated by Peter Ebdon after their match Ronnie O'Sullivan is all smiles after his maximum ... he's simply shining like a sun! Tony Drago missed the black off its spot in frame 18, for a clearance and a 10-8 victory. Results(Players are English unless stated)FinalKen Doherty (Ireland) 18-12 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)67-1, 5-117 (117), 0-106 (106), 77-13, 78-9 (69),75-51, 69-11 (59), 0-122 (122).

I believe Dott is more prepared to win the match here after facing two professionals. So I expect to see Dott again. Dott conceded just six frames against Hamza Akbar and Xu Si. He attended every World Championship since 2000 bar one. This format just comes easy to him. Maflin is still prone to unforced errors and failing to kill the frame off. A Crucible without Graeme Dott would be very weird indeed. Kurt Maflin also got through with little difficulty, sweeping past amateurs Mitchell Mann and Pang Junxu.

Hendry made five centuries in the match and won five frames in a row from 15-7down. One had to wonder if he could snatch victory from the jaws of defeatonce more. Do you remember how he once won the last 10 frames in to beat Jimmy White18-14? Doherty was unstoppable on the night though and won the lastthree frames to end the Scot's dominance at The Crucible. Stephen had wonfive championships in a row and 29 consecutive matches coming into this final. Had he won again he would have had seven world titles, one more than Ray Reardon and Steve Davis.

Head-to-Head: Jimmy White Vs Anthony Hamilton

However, the new champion played better over the marathon distance and, crucially,made fewer mistakes, to defy the odds of 2/7 quoted on Hendry to surpass the modern era record of6 titles, shared by Ray Reardon and Steve Davis. Doherty was usually able to punish him for them but on occasions stuttered as the winningpost appeared. This was a match that saw the champion make numerous errors, especially with his long potting andsafety.

He is a very chalk and cheese player, with a lot of people hoping to see him draw against Ronnie OSullivan. Ali Carter is a staple at the Crucible, having been at the World Championship every year since 2003. However, I can see only one winner here. Defeating Yuan Sijun and Michael White is no mean feat. He had a kind group to qualify through and it showed, pushing aside Paul Davison and Jimmy White, conceding just five frames. Astley went completely under the radar (read more here) and is the lowest ranked player on the professional tour in the event at No. Angry get, well, angry. Just to be Mr. 102.