Davidson (@3.5) vs Campbell (@1.28)

Our Prediction:

Campbell will win

Davidson – Campbell Match Prediction | 22-09-2019 18:00

Opportunity tactics are acceptable tactics when the fire behavior is not a factor in the fireground situation. A drill proficient fire officer can do opportunity tactics very well. Whenever the fire is changing, the tactics need to recognize and be based upon the fire behavior in order to be safe and effective. Opportunity tactics are tactics based upon the opportunity to engage the fire.

Rank is responsible and accountable for the decisions made. The ranking officer will not usually use a lower ranked individual's opinion without giving up command. Many crew supervisors have more experience than do the commanding officer in the situation that may be facing them. The ranking officer may not act on the opinion of a lower ranking officer even though the persons intuition may be more correct for the situation. Ranking officers are not privileged to superior knowledge, intelligence nor experience in situations. Differences in intuitive opinions between people can not be resolved except by the use of rank. Intuition is the direct perception of information independent of any reasoning process, an untaught predictive skill.

This occurred on the Dillon Incident on the 13th of August in 1994, refer to page 120. The indirect holding and firing tactic was time tagged to halt at 1100 hours. Using CPS it is possible to predict when and where a fire behavior event will be most likely to occur, when and where the fire will gain full alignment of forces. The firefighters were moved off the line before the fire made a high intensity run from below. This becomes an example of how to do it right.

This reduces the data that needs to be considered to make predictions of change. The primary forces that cause wildland fires to change are wind, slope, and fuel temperature variations. How can it be made simple? A very good rule to start with is to fight fire where it is out of alignment. Observations of how these forces vary in the path of the fire are the first step in predicting changes in the fire behavior potential. There are many ways to interpret information about weather, topography and fuel and this can make a fire behavior prediction complex. The CPS isolates causative elements that change fire intensities.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell Preview & Prediction

Lomachenko can be hit and Campbell has the hand speed to cause him some serious problems but he cannot let the Ukrainian settle. He is quicker and has the technique to negate the reach advantage while enforcing his power which should be enough to finish Campbell in the later rounds. Lomachenko will grow into the fight even if he starts strong and the accumulation of damage in the exchanges will add up in favour of Lomachenko.

There are certain tactics that seem to work better on one type of fire. Another twist in the situation happens when a fire changes from one type to another in the middle of your shift and the tactic suddenly does not match the situation. Sometimes tactics become dangerous because the tactic was wrong for the type of fire at the outset.

This candle board demonstrates the variability of fire intensity while all factors are the same except the arrangement of fire on the board. The difference is caused by the preheating differences each arrangement produces. A device that uses candles to demonstrate the phenomenon of how extreme fire behavior can occur. The flame length of the line of fire can be induced to factors of ten. A line of fire has one signature flame length while a zone of fire has another. Watch out for sprinklers in the room when demonstrating this effect.

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But if there's one thing in Campbell's favor, it's the fact that 135 pounds very much appears to be the ceiling for Lomachenko from the standpoint of both power and an ability to safely absorb punches. It's certainly a task that is easier said than done.

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While taken at face value, Hearn's comments might come across as nothing more than good promotion considering he promotes Campbell, the 31-year-old Yorkshire native who won gold at the 2012 London Olympics. If you look closer at the matchup, however, Hearn might not be that far off and it's a question he asked directly of Lomachenko during the fight's kickoff press conference.

The champs only loss was unexpected. Linares dropped him but Lomachenko displayed great character faced with the most adversity he had experienced in his career, and he will have worked on preventing getting caught like that again. It was his second professional fight against the heavier Salido but this was a crucial learning curve which has made him a better fighter.