Qatar (@8.5) vs Iran (@1.03)

Our Prediction:

Iran will win

Qatar – Iran Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 10:00

The two countries have a close economic relationship which affects their diplomatic relations, particularly in the oil and gas industries. Iran and Qatar jointly control the world's largest natural gas field.[2] Qatar has 13% of the world's total proven gas reserves. A big portion of Qatar's oil comes from a field that is related to Iran.

Qatar has maintained cordial relations with Iran. In 1991, following the end of the Persian Gulf War, former emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa welcomed Iranian participation in Persian Gulf security arrangements, however due to resistance from other Persian Gulf Arab States these never came into fruition. However, Qatar maintains security cooperation with Iran through bilateral ties. Additionally, plans were in progress in 1992 to pipe water from the Karun River in Iran to Qatar, but after local resistance in Iran this was laid to rest.

Country comparison[edit]

The Iraqis started the tournament in less than sturdy fashion; they shipped twice against Vietnam on match-day one, though theyve since tightened up. These numbers bode well. At the other end of proceedings, Katanecs side have looked useful. They didnt offer much against Iran, but as mentioned previously, theyd already qualified and thus played accordingly. Prior to match-day three, Iraq scored six goals and delivered expected-goals for performances of 2.03 and 1.62.

Leading up to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Qatar and Iran shared a friendly relationship. This was exemplified by the support of the government of Qatar and Sheikh Khalifah for the monarchy of Iran, stating that Iran is a dear and friendly neighbour with which we are united by the brotherhood of Islam.[citation needed] The desire to keep up friendly relations was motivated by Iran's status as a military and economic powerhouse as well as interests with OPEC.

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Qatar, despite having a good home record in friendlies, haven't seen that translate to the qualifiers as of yet. Expert Verdict: Iran are big favorites here despite being the away side. They have a wealth of attacking options at the moment, and that's no doubt something Qatar will be envious of moving toward the 2022 World Cup. So that gives Iran, who are having something resembling a golden generation at the moment, coming through.

They are treading lightly on both sides in pursuance of their own self-interests. Qatar has a difficult time when it comes to maintaining a good sustainable relationship with Iran, as well as adopting the policies set by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) towards it.


IranQatar relations refer to the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of Qatar. Iran has an embassy in Doha while Qatar has an embassy in Tehran. Qatar and Iran have close ties but relations between the two countries were soured after Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran following the January 2016 attack on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

In February 2010, during a Q&A session following US Secretary of State Hillary Clintons speech at the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani conceded that if Irans nuclear programme spurs "a nuclear race in the region, it will be an unhealthy race for all".

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Qatar vs Iran Head-to-Head Stats

It is expected to be an uphill task in the third round as they have to battle it out against top Asian sides like South Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, China and Syria for a top three finish to progress to the next round. While Qatar surprisingly top their group ahead of China. They won in 7 of their 8 matches, with a loss in their trip to China on the final match day.

They werent overly impressive when drawing 0-0 against a very good Iran side on match-day three, but they didnt give too much away and ultimately avoided defeat in a match that they didnt need to win. Iraq also showed plenty of promise during the group stages. Sreko Katanecs men won their opening two games and thus booked their place in this round with a game to spare.

They won seven points in their group but finished at the 2nd spot due to weaker goal difference in compare to Iran. Srecko Katanecs side is playing very disciplined football and they managed to raise the level of performances significantly. Iraq are also performing very well lately as they havent lost seven times in a row. Iraq are also going to search for their chance of proceeding to the next stage and we should expect to see a very interesting clash.