Sendai (@2.1) vs Matsumoto (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Sendai will win

Sendai – Matsumoto Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

Just imagine yourself as a rational voter for a national policy referendum, and you are going to vote according to, and only according to the issues that are raised by each opposing party. 3. Process of Judging In sum, judging a policy debate is like policy making itself. The following 5 steps might help you to make fairer and more objective decisions.

1.Affirmative team does not have a burden to prove that More than 10 million immigrants will surely come toJapan as the Definition 1) supposes. However, they cannot propose a plan that will limit the immigrants to a smaller number, or argue an Advantage on the basis of such smaller number.As Definition 4) shows, for example, to limit the immigrants by the skills of Japanese language is an abusive restriction.

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The debate rather focuses on whether the patients should be given a choice. However, it should be emphasized that, even the AFF position defined above does not claim that we should choose active euthanasia. Since some religions explicitly condemns the practice of euthanasia, there may be cases that the students may hesitate to participate in this debate for religious reasons. HEnDA advises teachers or teams not to force any students to take their positions totally against their conscience.

The Debate Topic of the 13th All Japan High School English Debate Tournament in Fukui

So the 3-member teams, which had been exceptionally able to enter the tournament until last year, cannot enter this year. The purpose of this rule change is to enhance fairness, to have more students participate, and to prevent 3- elite- debater teams. In this years tournament every team should have 4 members in every debate match.

This means that, even if the actual Japanese Government should announce a policy close to the Affirmative position before the tournament in December, the Negative side should support the present immigration policies as they were in March. Debaters should assume that there is no difference between the Aff. refugee policies. 5) The Negative team will defend the present immigration policy that is valid in March, 2017 (when this topic is announced). Immigrants in this sense, can either be naturalized citizens, permanent residents, or temporary residents who may go back to their homelands in a few years. 2) relax its immigration policies:The relaxed immigration policies should include the following four actions;a) granting working visas to foreign unskilled workers;b) making the immigration application and examination simpler and shorter;c) necessary adjustments should be made to the immigration bureau of Japan to enable mass immigration;d) Technical Intern Training Program () should be shut down. 6) Issues concerning refugees should be excluded from the debates (Refugees would constitute a totally independent debate topic.). 1) Significantly:Debaters should suppose that the relaxed immigration policy (supported by the Affirmative side) would approximately allow the total number of immigrants residing in Japan to exceed more than 10 million by the year 2067 (within 50 years). Affirmative side cannot add restrictions that will counteract toward relaxing the immigration policy, such as obligating Japanese language tests to the immigrants. 3) It is up to the Affirmative side to add plan details concerning social welfare or education targeting the immigrant families. (Plans economic or social costs can obviously be used to make Disadvantage issues.)4) Restriction of immigration against criminals / terrorists should be kept as the present law provides. However the workability (effect) of those additional plans must be proven by the Affirmative side. and Neg.

Aim of the topic: The Japanese Government suggested in the latest revision of the official Course of Study that English classes in high school should be taught in English, not in Japanese. Is this a good policy?

Thus it is not allowed for the Negative side to argue that the shift to September academic year will harm the freedom or self governance of Universities. It should be assumed that the September academic year situation will happen as a result of the aggregate free future choices of each university. This topic does not assume any coercing action of the government.

If the total number of participating teams in the preliminary rounds is an odd number, because of some unexpected cancels, the Tournament Organizer will let a Supplementary team participate in the preliminary rounds. Exceptionally, the Supplementary team can be from a school which has another participating team. In the Preliminary rounds, the Supplementary team will be treated as the same as other teams, and will match against other teams regularly (except against the team from the same school) and its wins and loses will be counted when deciding the matching and the finalists.