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Nick Cannon refuses to divorce Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon the long road to divorce may have just gotten even longer. On June 5, 2016, TMZ reported gun refuse to sign the couple’s divorce, despite the fact that the issues “a long time ago.” Sources said Cannon “still loves Mary and doesn’t want to officially let him go,” though he was the one who filed for divorce again in 2014.

It seems Cannon also don’t want her almost-ex-wife to marry Australian billionaire James Packer, which Carrie got engaged in January of this year. Of course, Carrie said “frustration” case “I’m not satisfied at all.” “She wants to get out now,” TMZ reports.

Carrie Cannon began dating in March 2008. About a month later, the couple wed on Carey’s Bahamian estate. The breakup rumors that come the couple’s relationship to get a good piece of 2014. In August of that year, TMZ reported that the couple has been separated since May and that divorce was a virtual “done deal.” About that time, TMZ also reported that the cannon was in the fact that the relationship ended because of concerns about the “toxic” environment, Curry was allegedly created them twins Moroccan and Monroe. I officially filed for divorce on December 12, 2014 after six years of marriage.

Turns DuJour Council in January 2016, Cannon said the failure of his marriage to Carrie has led to doubts on whether he will be able to walk down the aisle again. “If I heard that there is a 50/50 chance of living or dying when you jump from the plane, you probably won’t go skydiving,” he said. “There’s a 50/50 chance a marriage work. If you don’t succeed the first time, and you’re still alive, you should not do it again.”

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