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Brasilia – unanimous, and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided on Wednesday 24 to allow the imposition of tuition fees in colleges the military. For Prime shipment of the monthly quota of students do not violate the provisions of the Constitution, which includes education, among social rights of the citizen, the establishment of free public education in official institutions.

Prevailed in the understanding of the submitted work, the minister of Edson Fachin , who the military education system to train the staff of the Brazilian army and has a legal system different from the public schools of the regular school system.

Currently 13 military colleges all over the country. As highlighted Fachin these units are not funded from resources of Ministry of education, and, yes, the Ministry of defence revenue coming from monthly fees for students.

“Schools in the military military organizations that operate primary schools with the purpose of answering the teaching prep and assistance of the hierarchy to the DECEx (Department of Education, Culture and the army), so I headed to a colonel from the army with the members of the faculty, formed primarily by army officers. Before all of these reasons, based on the unique nature of military colleges in relation to general education in the public schools”, evaluation of Fachin.

According to information provided by the army to the STF about 50% of the resources allocated for military the level of tuition fees, which are today of R$ 226 (elementary) and$ 251 (high school).

“These military schools are not subject to bonus (general education), because they are not military colleges entered in the public education system and not involved in the distribution of public resources earmarked for Education,” said the Minister Ricardo Lewandowski.

Dean Court Minister Celso de Mello, agreed with the colleagues. “The monthly quota of the school of military colleges do not represent any sin, crime, or the collision with the supremacy of the Constitution which establishes the gratuitousness of the service to the public,” he said.

In August, the state reported that no student from the College of military costs the country three times more than those who study in mainstream public schools. Is $ 19 thousand per student per year, the issue of the army in the 13 existing schools – that have swimming pools, robotics labs, teachers with salaries that exceed R $ 10 thousand.

The plan of the government of the candidate to the chair Jair Jair bolsonaro (PSL) says that within two years, there won’t be a “military school in all the capitals of the states”. The tension in this model is one of the ideas that are more frequent than before the presidential elections in the field of Education.

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